Who does LOGO represent?

We cover all positions in LOCAL GOVERNMENT including in areas such as administration, customer service, engineering, environmental health, finance, health and building, human resources, management, rates and town planning.

We are also asked for staff to consult on systems and procedures, corporate management, computer systems and tourism development.

What’s it like working through LOGO?

Working through LOGO, you get much more say in when and where you work.

We give you a call as soon as a position becomes available. We tell you where it is, how much it pays, when and for how long. You can accept it or reject it. That's completely up to you.

What attracts people to LOGO?

Some choose contracting through LOGO as their preferred way to work. Others use LOGO to help them in between permanent jobs.

Either way, they enjoy being engaged for specific tasks, suffering little obstruction during the engagement and not becoming involved with local politics.

Is there much work?

There is usually enough work to keep good operators going most of the year, although this varies according to experience and background and the economy generally ... and some have independent means/ interests and don't want full time work anyway.

How long are the contracts?

Projects usually range from around 4 weeks to 6 months, although exceptions and extensions are not uncommon. Our shortest project was one day. Our longest ended up seven and a half years.

Sometimes these projects develop into regular annual or biannual visits over extended periods.

Where is the work?

As for location, it is impossible to predict where the next job will be ... the city or the bush, as they say. The choice is always yours.

Do I have any obligations to LOGO?

To state the obvious but obviate any potential misunderstandings, it is expected that you will not approach or negotiate directly with clients or potential clients once your name has been disclosed by LOGO - whether for initial or follow-on projects.

Experience shows that things can get very messy if such procedure is not followed, the Contractor and LOGO often the losers. If you are approached directly, simply ask them to call LOGO to arrange for the job.

If you are interested in joining the LOGO team, please print out the Application Summary from our website, attach your CV to the completed Application Summary, then scan and send it to us at

If at all possible, please also include a brief synopsis of between 50 to 100 words telling us what you are good at and what you enjoy or don't enjoy doing. With your permission, we will use this information on our website without disclosing your personal details.